CargoSnap allows you to configure different roles for users on the platform. We just added a new role to that: the Viewer. With this role, the user you create cannot make any changes to anything on the platform, nor manage users or devices. But; -of course- the files; with snaps and forms and other functions can be viewed.

Now, should you feel free to create as many accounts/users as you like? Well.... yes and no...

Of course, if you have colleagues who need access to files, this is a great way to share; think of easily creating file-links to files and opening those up to your colleagues.

But note that this account is not well-suited for all use cases. Especially we recommend against creating this role for your external stakeholders (customers, partners, etc.)

This is because this role is still really powerful as it can see all data in your account. If you want to share selected files with external stakeholders, please look at using shares for those. These give you a lot of control over what you share with whom. If you share a lot (or even everything) with an external user, check out the Automatic Sharing option for that case.

For more convenience and efficiency, you may suggest your external stakeholders create a free viewing account. It is different from "the viewer user role" but very powerful. Read this article about this feature! 😉

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