File sharing is a web-based functionality, everywhere in the world, on every device available. Go to the file you want to share.

Sharing a file can be a real added value, providing your customers or partners with the insight they need. You can choose what data you'd like to share and what period you provide them with access. Do you need to discuss or take action on a shipment or inspection? Share the file and within seconds the other party receives e-mail with a link to access the shared file only.
You can click "Send by e-mail" and quickly fill in an e-mail address of whom you wish to share file with and hit "Send".
You can also click "Share file". 

Fill in the e-mail addresses of the recipients, select the language and add a comment when necessary. When you want to provide access for a certain time-period, click on the ‘Expiry date’ checkbox and choose a date.

Every snap, form or document can be excluded from the share. You can do so by activating or deactivating icon in bottom right corner. The receiver can only see the selected files and snaps in high resolution. See picture below.

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