Sharing a file can be a real added value, providing your customers or partners with the insight they need. You can choose what data you'd like to share and what period you provide them with access.

In order to share a file, open the file you would like to share and click "Share file". 

Then, fill in the e-mail addresses of the recipients, select your Distribution List by clicking '@' on the right, select the language and add a comment when necessary. When you want to provide access for a certain time-period, click on the ‘Expiry date’ checkbox and choose a date.

Every snap, form or document can be excluded from the share. You can do so by activating or deactivating icon in bottom right corner. The receiver can only see the selected items. See picture below.

Advanced - default sharing options

You can select what items are enabled/disabled for sharing by default (requires "SuperAdmin" privilege).
In Global Settings -> General, find the "New uploads of type..." area as:

here you can select the 3 options to do the following by default (per above, you can always select/unselect individual items):
snaps: will share all snaps by default
snaps with damage: will allow you to choose if you want to share or not share images with damage
documents: share document scans (or not)

Note that you may also select the default for sharing forms, but that is done on a Form by form basis.
For that, select the form for which you would like to set the default:

and in the form choose "Advanced settings" and then enable/disable the "Sharing enabled by default" option.

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