Step 1: Select your reference. Your top widget is always used as a reference; this can either be a container number, barcode or several other options. Click on the widget; this starts your camera for scanning or shows a keyboard for typing your reference. 

Step 2: Click on the Photo widget and take a snap of your cargo, (transportation) equipment or other. 

Step 3: Fill in 43a comment when necessary, and/or click on the selector and select a specific type of damage. If you can't find your type of damage, let us know and we can change the select options for you.

Now press SAVE and you're done! The reference stays in place in case you need to make more photos. You can just keep on going and snap as much as you need. Or you can use one of the other widgets, such as scanning a document or filling in a form.

The CargoSnaps are now transferred to the Platform. On the dashboard you will see the various cards with data appearing, and in the “files view” (click Files on the left menu), you will see an overview of the various inspections that took place:

Clicking on one of the file references will take you to that specific file, where you can inspect the cargo survey in a timeline and share it.

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