There are many ways that you can share your CargoSnap files with your colleagues and customers (see this article). Sharing files can be absolutely convenient and beneficial for you, and from your stakeholder's side, they can view all your shared files from their email inbox, or download them as a zip.

However, with the regular emails going on and piling up, things can get a bit inconvenient for your external stakeholders... Why?

Imagine if they have to look for a certain picture with a reference or a date of a file, they have to go through the long email list, search from the inbox filter (which as we know - is not always accurate and fast); or they have to check their own files and folders on the PC, which they might already have renamed it... Maybe after all this effort, they still couldn't find the exact one they need and have to reach out to you again... 😓

Not fun, right?

Well...Now let me introduce you to a CargoSnap feature that can avoid all the fuss, and make the long-term relationship between you and your stakeholders more fun and efficient! Suggest them to create a Free Viewing Account!

By doing this, your external stakeholders can get access to log in to their own viewing account on This account can empower them greatly as:

  • They can freely view, search, filter, and sort all (and only) the files you selected and shared with them

  • The snaps and videos stay in the same high quality

  • This does not take any storage in their email inbox or PC

  • New shares automatically appear in their CargoSnap viewing account

  • After being able to get all data in one place, they can now disable the notification for emails

How to create a Free viewing account

It is pretty easy to create a free viewing account.

When you share a file with your external stakeholders, it looks like this in their email:

You may advise your stakeholder to click the "View CargoSnap" button, then they can view your shared file and find the button for "Sign up free"

And there you have him/her, and get it all simplified and optimized for both of you!

note: there is a difference between the terms "viewer" role and a "viewing account"

  • A viewer is a type of user role that you can add from your platform for your internal employees or colleagues. They can view ALL your files and forms (see this article);

  • A viewing account is created only by your external stakeholders themselves for a more organized, efficient, and smart way of file sharing. They can view only the files you shared (see this article).

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