Logistics operators benefit from CargoSnap as we can easily handle many transactions for you. The team in the warehouse or on the terminal is ‘snapping away’, but how do you know what is happening without watching the CargoSnap Platform the entire day? Well, that is where notifications come in super handy! Notifications are simply e-mails from CargoSnap that make you aware of certain events. We can notify you of:

  • New files being created
  • Damages being recorded
  • Documents being scanned

In time we may exend this list even further!

So, how to enable this handy feature? Easy!

  1. Click your user name in the right upper corner and click “Profile”.
  2. Go to the tab “Notifications”.
  3. If you want, choose on what locations you would like to receive notifications (if you are based in Chicago, you may not need to see the new files of Melbourne), or simply keep “All locations” in case you want to keep an eye on all activities.
  4. Select in what cases you would like to be notified. New files, damages or certain documents.
  5. Click “update” to save

That’s it! From now on you will be notified when important events happen!

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