Workflow is one of our great features that improve efficiency, limit human errors and fit in your process. The Workflow feature is one of our most wanted/used features. The flexible configuration enables you to build your own workflow. Go to Global settings in the left menu bar and choose the tab Workflows.

Step 1: Fill in the title of your workflow and start describing your process. Every step of a process can be described in the description bar. Then choose the type of data you want to collect in this step, this may be one of the following types:

  • Snap – take one photo
  • Document – scan a document
  • Form – fill in one of your pre-made forms
  • Barcode – scan a barcode and get is as a searchable tag in your file
  • Serial barcode scanner - scan a series of barcodes, to be added to your file. E.g. to get a packing list checked against!
  • Container – scan a container number and add it as a searchable tag in your file
  • QR to Tag - scan a QR code and get the content of the code added to your file, as searchable tags
  • Serial Snapper – take multiple photos

Can you imagine, the diverse flows you can build with these blocks! Click on the ‘allow skipping’ box when the step is not mandatory.

Keep adding steps until your workflow is finished. The steps can be re-sorted by drag-and-droping with the arrows pointing up and down. You may allow skipping a step if it is not mandatory, to do so, check “ALLOW SKIPPING”.

Step 2: When you are ready creating the form, click on ‘create form’ and your form is ready for use. You can still go in and edit the workflow, in case some steps do not work out as planned. Be aware that the workflow is only visible on your devices, when your workflow widget is enabled in the device-widget settings!

Now reload the settings of your device. Your workflow is now ready for use!

Use the workflows

Step 1: Choose your reference widget and fill in the reference.

Step 2: Start the workflow. When you want to skip certain step, press skip. Make your snap and go to the next step by pressing the save button. You can always exit the workflow by clicking the exit button.

Beware, when leaving the workflow without saving, you will loose the data entered. Click on the green button when you’re done with the workflow.

Workflow view

Every Snap or document is provided in the timeline as always. When using the workflow widget, the grey bar will provide the phase given with the data entered. The phases of the workflow can be provided when using our report functionality upon request.

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