Forms are a very powerful feature of CargoSnap, it allows you to replace paper documents for data-entry forms in your mobile app. You then have all information available in digital form, right away!

To create a new form, click “Global Settings” and then “Forms” in the platform (this feature is available for Administrators).

Click : New Form to get creative and make a form to suit your requirements:

Give your form a name, for example “Damage Inspection”

Start creating questions that are necessary for the inspection. Define what Field Type it will be (eg text, number, select (define selections)) and determine whether this field is required to be filled in in the form or not. Field types are:

  • Text – type in (or use voice entry for) any text.
  • Select – create your own selected written choices (for example “Blue”, “Red”, “Green”).
  • Checkbox – yes / no questions or any individual written choices. This field may also be used as a required tick-box, in “mandatory” mode.
  • Number – any number, including a number of decimals (0 if none).
  • Date – choose a date.
  • Header – create a Header explaining a section within the form.
  • Paragraph – create a Paragraph, a piece of text that may give a short explainer to the surveyor filling in the form.
  • Separator – create a Separator to make next section of form more visible – extra line created.

Whenever you are finished with one field, click ADD FIELD to add a new line to your form.

Add up to 40 fields in the form and click CREATE at the bottom. You can re-order fields by clicking and holding up and down arrows and moving a particular field up and down. So, adding a field in the middle of the form just involves clicking “New Field” and then dragging that new field to the position in the form where you want the question to be.

You can determine whether you need to show the field in the app and/or platform by selecting the corresponding title fields. Examples of this can include a cost estimate of the damage, which may not be available at the time of filling in the form.

Once you click CREATE, the form has been generated. Now, go to DEVICES / WIDGETS and choose FORMS as one of the widgets. Then reload your settings on your devices to be able to have access to forms. You are now able to fill in your form on your device.

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