Logistics is a team sport! And as in every team, there are different roles to play. Let’s review Roles in CargoSnap.

First of all: there is a distinct difference between a “device” and a “user”, as you can probably imagine. A device should be created to allow someone to use their phone or tablet (“device”) to add information such as photos, documents or fill in forms into CargoSnap. Providing the device thus does nothing more than giving that capability. This role is typically given to the warehouse employees, drivers and other surveyors, possibly in combination with a user role. A user gives someone access to the CargoSnap platform.

If you want to learn how to add a device, click here for a quick video. The next section is all about the permissions you can give to the users. If you want to learn how to add a user, click here for another short video.

Note: in order to manage roles and permissions, you need administrative permissions. If you have administrative permissions you will see some or all of the following options in your menu:

Okay, on to the various user roles!


There are 5 roles you can define for each user you give access to CargoSnap:

  • Viewer - can view, but not change or share all data in CargoSnap (for their own location, or all, as decided by their administrator).
  • User – Can use CargoSnap in all ways (see also below in the Permissions section), but is not able to add/remove devices or employees. This is the most common role and is the recommended default role.
  • Manager – can add and remove other users and devices in her own location only. This role does not have company-wide settings access (e.g. to create forms and workflow). The role is handy for delegating Employee and Device administration to remote locations, for example.
  • SuperAdmin – A SuperAdmin has permissions to see and update every setting in CargoSnap, both on any individual location as well as all company-wide settings such as forms and workflow management.
  • LicenseAdmin – is the person in your company, responsible for the overall CargoSnap license and is CargoSnaps main point of contact with regards to licensing maters. This role has the same permissions as the SuperAdmin.

In order to change a use role, select the user from the list under the “Users” menu, and find the “Role” selection:

Be sure to click “Create” to save the updated Role.


Using Permissions you can further tweak what users with particular roles can do. Please note that Permissions are all company wide settings, so when you make a change here, it will apply across all users and locations. Edit permissions under “Global Settings”, in the “Global settings” tab:

You will find a few tabs where settings for Files, Snaps and Forms may be set. For example, you can set up what roles -if any- may delete files and snaps. Handy as you may want to give just a few people the permission to correct errors (and avoid others from accidentally causing issues).

Locations based access permissions:

All above permissions can be combined with Location based permissions. That is, you can limit a user to have access only to one or more specific locations, rather than company-wide information. In order to set permissions:

  • Click “Users” in the side menu
  • Select the user name
  • Locate the area “Has permission for locations"
  • Select those locations the user should have access to
  • Don’t forget to click "Save changes"

Do remember that a SuperAdmin has all the permissions to make changes, limiting access to certain locations can thus be undone by the SuperAdmin him/herself.

Note, users can also filter their own view over the information they see. This may come in handy in cases where not all information needs to be hidden. See: filter by location.

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