There are two ways to register a device, namely using a QR code and through an e-mail invitation.

  • The QR code is a super fast and easy way, especially when you have the device with you at the time of registration.

  • The E-mail comes in handy when the app user is in a remote location.

In the menu, choose “Devices” and then select the "+" symbol. (This requires an administration role. For Roles and Permissions, read this article)

If you run multiple locations, select the location where you want to add a device first.

For a new device, you are required to supply a “nick”- a friendly name which you can use to recognize the device, like Joe, Jane, or Mercedes. Just supply a unique name and click “Create”:

Registering with a QR code:

On the newly installed app, start the app and tap “Register” and then “Continue”. Now a QR code reader comes up. Aim the phone’s camera at the computer screen containing the QR code. As the camera focuses, the QR code will be used to register the Device on the Platform. 

The platform will confirm by showing a confirmation on a successful registration:

Registering through e-mail:

Fill in the e-mail address of the remote CargoSnap user (e.g. a truck driver at a remote site). The remote user will receive a specially formed e-mail from us, containing a button that will automatically trigger the registration of the app on their Android or iOS device. Note, in the case the user has not installed CargoSnap yet, rather than registration, the button will direct the user to the respective app store to first install the app.

Simple: just tap the button!

Complete registration and edit settings

This will complete the registration of the app: it's immediately ready for use!

The app will start up with the settings of the location it has been added to. The device is now ready to be used. In the device list, you can now also edit the settings of the app.

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