The platform enables you to review, report, share or enrich your files and snaps with additional data. Snaps are uploaded in real time into the platform. In the left menu bar you can choose your file, snap, report, form or shared file.

The colored boxes show several statistics. When you click on ‘today’s most recent snaps’, it shows you a map of where snaps are taken. Furthermore, the dashboard shows a timeline of snaps, files and other entry-data.

View Files

A file is always your reference. Snaps, documents, data-entry forms and videos belong to a certain reference - your file. When clicking on file in the menu bar you will see the following view. It shows a new timeline with all your files and basic data of what is in the file.

Click on the file name/scan code to enter your file and all data gathered with this reference. Here you can change, adjust or close files. Download the photos as a zip, create shares and reports, add tags and attachments to your files.

View Snaps

On our platform, the snaps you take are always available in the highest resolution. When clicking on snaps in the left menu bar, a timeline with your snaps is shown. When you click on the snap / picture itself you can drill down on snap level. In this view you adjust or edit comments, damages or delete the snap. You can also download the single picture with the download button. Zooming in on the snap is done by clicking on it and using the navigation shown.

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