The “CargoSnap inspection link” makes it really easy to ask someone in your team or organisation to perform a specific inspection by crafting a URL (link) that pre-defines the specific widgets to use, as well as the reference to store the inspection under.

It allows starting the app in a state where a specific top-widget is shown (with an optional prefilled reference) and an optional bottom-widget.


In order to use the link, all you need to do is present a CargoSnap app user with a link (URL) shaped in the following way:

where you need to replace the XYZ with values for the corresponding component:

  • reference (optional): the code to pre-fill the top widget value with
  • top (required): Reference to a top-widget. Possible values: barcode, container, license_eu, license_br, timestamp, number, notafiscal
  • bottom (required): Reference to a bottom-widget. Possible values: snap, document, workflows, forms, video, serial%20snapper, serialbarcode

Test URL:

App version:

This feature is available on app version V3.0.24 and higher.

Demo video:

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