There are three ways you can add information (snaps, forms, scan of documents, etc.) to your existing files.

1. If you already have the snap or form stored on your computer. You can click on the reference of a file. On the upper left corner, click "..." button, there you can find "upload" and "submit form".

2. If you want to add via your CargoSnap App, you can use the "Barcode Scanner" to scan the on-screen QR code of a file.

The QR code can be enabled or disabled from your personal preference settings (see this article).

3. You can also add information via your CargoSnap App with "GetFile".

If you know there is a particular file you need to add some images or other info to, but you do not have the barcode or such available, then "GetFile" is the perfect solution for you. With the GetFile widget, you can now retrieve the most recent files and search through those (e.g. type the last 4 digits of a particular file….)

You can add the GetFile to your devices by managing the widgets.

note: available from App version V3.0.22

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