Note: in order to remove a user, you need to be either:

  • a "manager" of the site of the user you want to remove

  • or a "superAdmin"

Removing users is as simple as adding them:

On the left menu bar, click Users. Then, locate the user you would like to remove en click their user name and choose the Delete button:

Should you learn you removed the user and ... regret it somehow? Do not worry, you may even restore the user yourself.

Permantently delete a user

As you can see, we allow restoring a user. This means the user is not 'actually gone'. But if you do want the user to be permanently deleted (e.g. no reference to a name and email, for compliance reasons or you want to re-use the email address for another user), then follow these steps:

  • Open the Users list from the left-hand menu

  • Click the "Show deleted users" checkbox

  • Now, you will see the users that have been deleted. Select the user you wish to permanently remove from our database and click "Delete permanently"

Please note that this is permanent and thus totally irreversible

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