Passwords, passwords, passwords. Too many of those already and don't want to also keep up with the CargoSnap one?

Well, if you are an Office 365 or Microsoft Azure AD user, you can just hit the

button and you can log on!

Hang on, does this mean CargoSnap needs my Office password?

No! That's so cool about this Single Sign On option: essentially we ask Microsoft only if you are who you claim you are and we trust them to do that validation. If they confirm, you may enter!

Additional security using SSO

While it is pretty cool you have the option to sign on with the Microsoft account, you may have policies in your companies requiring to log on with 2FA (two factor authentication). SSO provides a simple and quick way to enforce that. If 2FA is enabled on your Azure AD, it will automatically apply to CargoSnap logons.

You can set the SSO logon option as the only way for your users to log on to CargoSnap. To do so, you need to:

  • be a SuperAdmin in CargoSnap,

  • Log on to the platform, with a Microsoft account (this way we know your account properly validates)

  • Click 'Global Settings' and locate the 'Enforce SSO' option:

  • Consider that your users will have no other means than to log on with their AD account and if that is ok, confirm and save:

Now you're good to go: all new logons will require the use of your AD!

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