By default, CargoSnap will try to collect location information from the device, when snapping an image, or filling in a form.
However, it is imporant to make sure the location services are "on". This is done through your device settings, and differs per mobile operating system (Android/iOS). Here are common methods to configure your Android or Apple phone (noting that  per OS version and device make there may be different screens or settings).


  • Through the top-drawer menu, open "Settings" and locate "Apps":

  • In apps, locate CargoSnap, and tap the CargoSnap icon.

  • Tap Permissions

  • Find the "Location" permissions and make sure it is switched on:

This will allow CargoSnap to obtain the permission at the time of taking the image. We do not use location at any other time other than when we collect cargo information (such as a snap, video, document or form). In other words, we do not track the user when they are not actively capturing information with CargoSnap.

Note: location services need to be active on the device to work. In settings make sure location services are switched on:

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