At CargoSnap we’re really excited to offer REST API’s. This powerfull feature allows our users to integrate CargoSnap into their TMS, WMS or ERP systems. We even support connecting to Excel, to create your own advanced dashboards!!!

let’s integrate!

Now first of all: API use is a premium feature. Please ask your CargoSnap contact to enable the feature for you and ask for the API documentation too!

In the side bar, click Global Settings (1) -> API (2) -> Create Token (3):

Name your API to something that is easy to remember or refer to (e.g. the name of the system you will connect CargoSnap with). And click ‘Create’

There also is an optional Expiry field. This field may be used in situations where your company policy requires expiring tokens. Be sure to remember to re-create a new token before expiry!

Collect the actually generated token by going back to the API token tab and clicking the “copy” button right next to the newly generated token. This will place it in your clipboard, so you can paste it into your configuration files.

IMPORTANT: do keep this token safe! This is a powerful thing as it can do anything your administrators do in the platform. Make sure it does not get compromised, so don’t share it with wide audiences or use email to share the token.

Now: time to get coding - to build something cool!!!

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