At CargoSnap we’re really excited to offer the “serial barcode scanner”. The main purpose of this widget is to enable our App users to quickly perform specific product lists and counts by scanning barcode labels on the products being inspected. This scanner opens a barcode/QR code reader and buids a list of all codes that are being scanned, skipping any duplicates. So that is a great way to inspect if a particular shipment contains a certain number of products. The barcodes are not just counted, but they are added as field (tags) in the file.

let’s get scanning!

The typical use case will require the following three steps:

  1. Define a tag field
  2. add scanner to devices / workflow
  3. Use the scanner
  4. Use the data

1. Define a tag (field)

In the side bar, click Global Settings -> Tagging -> New Tag:

Name your tag “barcode” (lowercase). And click ‘Create’

Cool: now you created a place to put the scanned barcodes into!

2. Add the scanner to devices or workflow

Now, it depends if you want to enable the serial barcode scanner as a stand-alone widget or part of a workflow, but go and enable the scanner:

Widget in app: Devices -> Select the device where you want to add the widget. In “Widgets” click the “Serial Barcode” button, so it lights up green:

Click Update to save.

If you want to apply the scanner to all devices in a particular location, perform this step from the Locations -> select location -> Default Widgets menu option, with “Apply to existing devices” option switched on.

Widget in workflow: Global settings -> Workflow -> select or create the workflow you want to include the serial barcode scanner into. Add a new step to the workflow and type the instruction you want to go with that in the app (e.g. “Scan all boxes to be loaded into the truck”),

Click “Create workflow” to save your new (or “Save Workflow” for an updated) workflow.

3. Using the scanner

Cool! Now you have the widget in the app; remember you may need to “reload settings” first. Step to the widget and as you see the screen now, you will notice the large barcode area in the middle. Tap it to open the scanner.

You can now scan a lot of barcodes in a short period. The app will keep a count of the barcodes and the individual codes scanned. When there is a duplicate, the app will not count that barcode twice. Note: the barcode scanner will disable after a short timewindow, re-enable it by clicking the barcode logo again.

Complete this step by clicking “Save”, as usual.

4. Use the data

Now - when you go to your file you will see that the barcodes you scanned and saved appear in your file as tags. This data is available through API as well as in custom reports.

Further more - you can use these tags to find information back! To do so, click “Files” from the side menu and click the “Advanced Search” bar on the top. It will expand and you may now add the “barcode” tag to the Tag-search bar, and include the value you are looking for:

This will now display all files containing this barcode! Do not forget to remove the tag in case you are done searching otherwise the file list will continue to show this filtered listing.

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