GeoTagging is one of CargoSnap’s smart solutions that can be used to make your organization of files much easier. By enabling GeoTagging, we will add a specific Tag to each upload that falls withing certain geographic areas (geozone or geofence). Making it really easy to recognize and search for images taken in specific, known places.

In order to use GeoTagging:

  • Log on to the platform as an Administrator
  • Click “Global Settings”
  • Click the “Tagging” tab
  • Click “New Tag”
  • Fill in the fields:Tag Name: e.g. use “Terminal” or “City” or “Region”; based on the geographies you are interested in tagging.Type: select “Geo fencing”Map: a map will appear once you selected Geo fencing.Zoom into the region you want to tagClick the black dot (left side in map), then click the middle of a imaginary circle you want to identify and drag the appearing circle to the right size on the map, release the mouse and fill in the region’s tag name (e.g. “Terminal 1234”).Repeat the last step for each area you would like to mapAvailable for locations: decide if this applies to all of your teams (if you have multiple), or all.Color: how would you like to display the tag
  • Click “Create” and it’s done! You’ve enabled automatic Geo fence tagging in CargoSnap!

Now: when you make a new snap, with GPS enabled, the platform will check the snap to be in one of these circles and add that tag to the image if it does.

This allows you to search for these particular images using the “Advanced search” feature in “Files”

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