The real-time uploads and ‘automatic’ documenting can shorten your time to report. Select, adjust and send the report within seconds. There are 2 methods of reporting, either report one file or select multiple files.
If you want to report one file, click the reference number of the file, and find 'Create report' from the '...' button on the right side to generate your report.

If you want to report multiple files, go to 'Files' and select the ones you want to report. On the left-up corner 'With selected' you can create a report of them.

Reporting can be done with different lay-outs. CargoSnap allows you to add your own custom-made report with your branding and design. The report is created and shown in the report list. It can take a few seconds generating the report, because CargoSnap is compressing the photos and data. This enables you to send the visual report via email. You can also open the word file and add information, if necessary.

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